Become A Volunteer Steward At Herts Pride

Volunteering as a steward is a great way to make new friends, develop your skills and be part of this sensational event taking place in Hertfordshire!

  1. See the event from a completely different angle.
  2. Become the eyes and ears of the event.
  3. For those attending our Pride you can make the difference.

You are eligible to apply if:

  1. You are aged 18 years or over.
  2. You are committed to being part of the team.
  3. You are willing to volunteer for up to approximately 3 to 4 hours on the day

All stewards are entitled to a Herts Pride pack including official T-shirt, free entry into the event arena,  after party and a token for food and drink on the day.

Application Process

Please send us your application form by Friday 26th July 2019 at the latest, Application forms received after this date may not be accepted.

If you are accepted as a Volunteer Steward we will acknowledge your application form with a receipt by return email and will contact you again in August about dates for the volunteer training days, if your circumstance changes before then please let us know immediately.

Things you should know:

  1. You MUST read the Terms & Conditions and sign the declaration at the bottom of the application form. If you do not understand any of the information you have been given please contact us by email with your contact number before sending in your application and we will get back to you.
  2. Application forms received are reviewed and placed in the most suitable areas of work, taking your preferences into account where possible. The information provided on your application form is taken seriously but no guarantees can be made to meet your requests
  3. We really value our Stewards contribution to Herts Pride and encourage you to enjoy both your work and this great event.
  4. We do ask that as a Herts Pride Steward you take your role seriously and meet the commitments of your shifts. No-one is expected to work without breaks for a cuppa; visit to the toilet etc. and this will be arranged within your team.
  5. Please complete the whole application form as it helps us with admin and with duty allocation.

Herts Pride Stewarding Terms & Conditions

  1. As a volunteer steward at Herts Pride you’ll be our representative at this event.
  2. You must be 18 years old or over to be a Volunteer Steward.
  3. If you are placed on a rota then we expect you to volunteer the hours allocated to you. Anyone who fails to honour their stewarding commitments without a valid reason will have their Herts Pride benefits withdrawn and any future applications will be turned down.
  4. Please prioritise your stewarding duties. Some shifts may clash with acts that you would like to see. You may wish to change a shift when the programme is published but we ask that this is dealt with at the event within your team. However, it is not always possible to change rotas to suit everyone's requests.
  5. You will be expected to be vigilant and health and safety conscious whilst on shift. Steward Team Leaders will brief you before shifts as to your responsibilities.
  6. Drinking, being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances or smoking whilst on duty is NOT allowed.